How to request your Malaysia tax E-Pin online

How to request your Malaysia tax E-Pin online

Wed, 03/03/2021 - 03:46
How to request your Malaysia tax E-Pin online

How to request your Malaysia tax E-Pin online

While as early as last year you would have had to go in person to a tax office to get your Malaysia tax E-Pin to register for online tax e-filing, thanks to the pandemic, this can now be done remotely. 

That’s one more trip to an administrative building less to do and let’s hope all of this digitalization is here to stay.

On my first stay in Malaysia 8 years ago, I had to register in person to the nearest inland revenue branch. But on this second stay, I decided to try the online way. And it ended up being extremely easy and fast.

How to request your Malaysia tax E-PIN number online

  1. You need to submit a customer feedback form. Visit the LHDN Customer Feedback Website.

    LHDN Hasil custoemr feedback website
    LHDN Customer website feedback form


  2. Select the category: “EzHasil/MyTax Enquiry” then the sub-category: “e-filing”

    LHDN selection of ezhasil category
    Select the Ezhasil/MyTax Enquiry​​​

  3. You will be presented with a form to fill. Please be mindful of the mandatory fields.

    Customer feedback for for efiling
    E-filing customer feedback form

  4. To this form, you have the opportunity to enclose documents. These are the necessary ones to upload to this submission:

    1. Your passport or ID biometric page

    2. Form CP55D, which can be downloaded here 

    3. Form CP600B, which can be downloaded here. This one is necessary to register or confirm your email.

      Attachment section of the customer feedback form
      Attachment section of the customer feedback form


  5. Submit the form. I had to wait about 2h before I received in my email my new E-Pin number.

Activating your Malaysia tax E-pin number and first time log in

  1.  Once you have received your e-pin, log to the ezHasil website for individual tax e-filing.

  2. Click on “First time log in”

    Click on First Time log in
    Click on First Time Login

  3. Fill up the fields and set up your password

  4. All good and done ! You are now ready to file your taxes online.

How easy was that? Efficient and fast. Just the way you hoped all administrations would work! 



Photo credit: JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash