How to renew a long-expired driving license in Malaysia

How to renew a long-expired driving license in Malaysia

Wed, 09/06/2021 - 05:15
How to renew a long-expired driving license in Malaysia

How to renew a long-expired driving license in Malaysia

With this pandemic, I couldn’t renew my international driving license as I couldn’t go home to do so. I went digging at JPJ for any solutions to continue driving legally in Malaysia. I already wrote an article about how to convert your foreign driving license to a Malaysian driving license here.

But maybe you fall through the cracks like me?

I stayed in Malaysia 8 years ago and got a Malaysian driving license at that time. Then life brought me opportunities to work in other Asian countries and I came back to Malaysia only in 2020. My old Malaysian driving license long expired. And since I was already registered in the JPJ systems, I was not allowed to do the conversion process.

How to appeal for renewal of an expired driving license and skip the theory test

If your Malaysian driving license is expired for more than 3 years. Then you have to re-take and pass the driving test. You can make an appeal to Putrajaya to be allowed to skip the theory test and go direct to the practice test.

To start the appeal process, go onto JPJ website > under driving license category

Submit an Appel for expired driving license JPJ Malaysia

Then fill up the required filled of the form. It’s quite self-explanatory and simple.

Note: the passport number will be the last one you had when you updated your information in JPJ. For me I had to dig into my archive to find it. Tip: it’s also written on the old driving license itself. 

There are multiple reasons to ask for an appeal in the drop-down list of the online form, the one I chose was that I was not living in the country anymore.

To check the status of your appeal, it’s the same online form. Once the appeal is granted, from this website you have to download a document that then needs to be printed. This document in Bahasa simply explains that you can go directly to the practice test and contains your name and personal information. 

The appeal process was treated within 2 weeks. In fact, for both me and my husband, we could retrieve the document as soon as 10 days later

Appeal letter from JPJ allowing you to skip the theory test

You have to use the appeal letter to claim your “L – learnee” driving license within 3 months of its issuing date at a JPJ main office. I insist, I went first to the local smaller branch and they do not do this process, you have to go to a main state headquarter. Being in Kuala Lumpur, I went to JPJ in Wangsa Maju.

In Wangsa Maju, I queued up for the “Lesen department” (door 1) and handed over the following documents:

  • My appeal letter
  • Old driving license & a copy
  • Passport (and a copy of the biometric page and of the valid visa)
  • 1 color photographs (white background) with dimension of 25 mm x 32 mm
  • 30 RM for a L license of 3 months validity
  • Since my information in the JPJ system were super old. I was required to update my personal data and fill form JPJ L7.

If you can’t have an exam date within the 3 months of validity, you can further extend by 3 months for another RM30. (Which I had to do because the repeated MCO kept postponing my exam date).

The next steps are to register for the practical test at a driving school.

I went for Safety Driving Centre ( SDC ) in Petaling Jaya right behind LRT Asia Jaya. 

They offer for our case a special package, which is 4 hours of driving lessons to prepare the exams and the exam for RM 490. If you fail the exam, you have to pay for another RM 290 to re-take it – they had other package that would enable you unlimited re-take of the exam for over RM 641.

They will require to register you to the practical test:

  • Your L-license 
  • The appeal letter
  • Your passport

The driving practical test 

Malaysian driving lessons prepare you to pass the exam very well. But I don’t think that they prepare you to drive on real road conditions. You can ace the exam and if this was the only driving lessons I had, I would have been really stressed in real life driving. I also came to realize just how hard the French driving license was to get…

All my exchanges with the driving school, the JPJ officers or other officials were in English. Or if in Malay, I would ask other applicants or the officer and always got a kind and helpful answer on the process and next steps. I faced no communication issues to pass all tests and go through the lessons.

The practical exam consists of 3 tests:

  • The outside car checks
    • You will be asked to point & name various parts of the car walking around it.
    • Each element you must mention counts for 1 point in the examination
  • A circuit drive with:
    • Start on top of the hill
    • U-turn
    • Reverse side parking
    • 3 points turn
    • Drive in an S-curve
    • Drive in a Z-curve
  • A road test.
    • The officer will drive with you around a pre-determined loop.
    • The trainer will show it to you and you can practice the same road until you know it like the back of your hand.

On the day of the test, you can arrive at 7:30 am. They will not really start calling up names before 8:30am. There is no need to be very early. Plan for a half day as if there are many applicants, you could still be there until 2 pm. Bring some water with you as well, it’s hot out there – and you seat outside all the time.

If you fail part of the test and succeed in others. You are only required to attempt the missed section at a later time to successfully get your driving license.

You will know immediately if you pass the driving license, once you get all the evaluation sheet stamped, you go back to the administrative office of your driving school and they will provide back forms and documents for you to get your driving license card.

Since long expired renewal are a little bit of an odd one. We have to take care by ourselves of going to JPJ to get the renewal of our driving license completed. The school will not assist in this. Wait about 3 days from the practical test (to allow the information to be entered into JPJ system) before going to, again, a main JPJ office (not a smaller branch).

There you will need to get your new driving license:

  • Your original passport 
  • a copy of your passport biometric page
  • a copy of your visa page
  • 1 color photographs (white background) with dimension of 25 mm x 32 mm
  • Your original L- license (and extension if you did need to extend)
  • A copy of your L-license (front & back) – the copy of the extension were not needed.
  • The document provided by the driving school with the JPJ officers stamp proving that you passed the practical exam
  • You will have to fill JPJ form 1
  • Bring again the appeal letter

The fee was RM 60 for the process and then RM60 per years you wish to renew your driving license for.
You will immediately walk away with a brand-new Malaysian driving license!

Small fee summary:

  • New ID photo 35mm x 22 mm on white background: RM 30
  • L License: RM 30
  • Extension of L-license: RM 30
  • Driving school fee (1 time attempt at practical exam + 4h lessons): RM 490
  • Driving license fee: RM 60 + 5 years renewal = RM 360

Total: RM 940


The overall process would take about 1 to 2 months. When I started it wasn’t very long to get my first date for the exam. But then repeating MCO dragged my own experience to 5 months as the exam slot backlog grew bigger. It’s not really complicated and a good experience to see and learn how things are done in different countries.  Good luck with it all if you are going for it!