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Advices from a veteran expat: how to prepare your international move

I have lived in 4 countries now and moved three times within South East Asia. My husband and I are veteran of moves, as we changed, even in France, cities on average every two-three years since we are children. I am preparing my third move in SEA back to Kuala Lumpur and I put-up this checklist to ensure I didn’t forget anything - and I hope it will help you prepare as well.
Wed, 20/05/2020 - 11:08
Checklist to prepare your move out of Thailand

Checklist to prepare your move out of Thailand

As I am preparing to move from Bangkok to Jakarta, I remember searching online for any kind of help or check list of what to do before leaving the country.

This is when I realized that nobody must be leaving, as there was no information or shared experience on what to do ! It was odd, as this is the single country where whether I search in French or English I couldn't find a single testimony of people preparing their move out... When I left Malaysia, there was a number of administrative process to take care of: from taxes, public retirement funds to immigration.

Sun, 07/10/2018 - 18:19