Hiking Pisang Waterfall trail in Malaysia

Hiking Pisang Waterfall trail in Malaysia

Thu, 07/04/2022 - 05:15
Hiking Pisang Waterfall trail in Malaysia

Hiking Pisang Waterfall trail in Malaysia

Pisang Waterfall trail is a short and sweet hike easily done in half a day in Kuala Lumpur.

The hike is not far from Gombak area and takes about 2 hours return in total. Probably about 50min each way and is quite flat. A perfect walk for all levels. 
I would advise to get there early so as to avoid the crowd. Not that there are many, it’s just that the waterfall area in itself has a nice pool but not a huge access. It can get cramped very quickly.

On the way to Pisang Waterfall
On the way to Pisang Waterfall

Most hikers stop for a long time at the passage below the Karak Highway for some IG shots.

Under the Karak Highway
Passage under the Karak Highway

Starting point GPS location, just use Google with keywords : “Sungai Pisang Waterfall” or Jungle Lodge Alang sedayu in Gombak area. There is only one way in and shortly before you reach the end of the road, you will be stopped for parking. The parking cost RM 10 to the road side “attendant” there. There is another RM1 per person just for passage in front of someone’s porch where the MySejathera QR code is… 

You would have to cross the river first as the path is on the other side and after you have gone under the Karak highway (about 15min into the walk), you should try and stick to the right side of the river until you reach the waterfall. The river is not deep at all so it's easily crossed. The path is easy to find and used. You can't get lost.

Below map is one way, to the waterfall. You can also download the .GPX file to be imported into Google Maps or your Garmin watch as a Course.

This way you can save the path offline and use it during your walk.

Happy trekking !

The track


Pisang Waterfall elevation chart